Design a chair with a vision.

My vision was to design a chair that could teach something to two year old children. It had to be more than a seating object. Children cannot sit still once they can walk. Swinging, climbing, climbing even higher, to see how far they can go.

Many forms were outlined. The forms were mainly based on the idea when I place the chair like this, it’s a chair. And when I flip it, It turns into a rocking chair.

The children must be able to flip the seat itself so it must be very light. Thus, I came out with polystyrene, which is light and stronger than everyone would think. When I filled the shape with a softer foam to sit on, it would never break the polystyrene.

I started prototyping and went to the day nursery to create a new prototype until the form was completely perfect. Children grow quickly and the seat would be rapidly discarded. The purchase price of the seat is very low, because it is easy to produce. The children in the day nursery were very fascinated by my little playchair.

DSC00427 DSC00418 DSC00415 DSC00423 DSC00420