For this assignment we needed to make a park in Kortrijk more attractive. There are different activities for all generations. The purpose of the park is to bring people together and to have a great time in the park.

The Innovation Festival brings you under the spell of design, creation and innovation. Everyone – young and old – is involved in this fascinating world. The challenge is to promote creativity and innovation and attracting untapped talent. The Festival is a week of intensive working on one subject. It is a competition in Belgium and the three runner ups go to the big What If Festival in Europe. We ended on the 4th place, what’s very good because we didn’t made a product but a concept.

We received the mission from Lode De Geyter, the general manager of Howest. It was not really a product that had to be designed, but a concept to lure people out of the appartments across the street.

The park has a large pond where many anglers come. The anglers got their own fishing location separated from the playground for the children. A part of the pond is reserved to swim in the summer and there is also the possibility to barbecue and socialise with friends in the chill place. We provide a bridge over the pond and new lighting in the park that makes it more romantic on warm summer evenings.


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