Creation Mirodan introduced me to design a bedside table that fits in the range of them. This bedsite table must orderly store all the stuff the consumer uses at night.

BOXX is a glass bedside table, finished with wood, open at night and closed in the morning so all your belongings are orderly stored.BOXX has a storage compartment for your tissue box. In this storage compartment you can also place a bottle or glass of water that you can not push it over when you’re searching for your glass in the middle of the night.

BOXX has a special bookshelf where your book can lie on open so you can easily find your page the next time. There is room for more books ons the side. On the horizontal shelf, there is room provided for your alarm clock or mobile phone. BOXX has three types of wood finishes: Macassar, American oak and American walnut. Moreover, you can find BOXX in two different dimensions. BOXX can be obtained in a right – or left version, so that the product fits in each setting.

_MG_0080 _MG_0086 Final Prjoects _MG_0075