We had the assignment to process OLED in a product that fits within the range of Curana. Curana is a global trendsetter and manufacturer of special bicycle equipment and bicycle accessories, for an excellent cycling experience. OLED is a new technology that’s not fully designed yet. There is still a lot of research into the possibilities and whether improvements are possible.

The first concept was a kind of a long snake light that would light up the whole frame. The front andnear light can be picked up for recharge. In order to recharge, you have to click it into a charging station in the form of a snake without a head and tail. Meanwhile, the bicycle light is a night light for kids.

It is a nice concept, but it focuses only on children. It would be nice to apply it to a wider audience. Thanks to the serpent, the bike is better visible on the side. The idea of ​​the inside recharging is good, but it would be nice if there was another function to get a bigger and diverse audience for the light. Another plus is that the various parts depend on each other, a component without the others can not work.
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